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Accepted Items

  • TATB ONLY accepts children's items that are in new or like-new condition. 
  • You are RESPONSIBLE for checking all of your items for RECALLS.

  • Please use the We Make It Safer resource on the right side of this page to check your items!!

Clothing: Infant, toddler and children’s clothing from preemie to children's size 16.

  • PLEASE READ - CLOTHING LIMITS! Due to the OVERWHELMING amount of clothing TATB receives in sizes newborn through 24 months, there is now a LIMIT. Please choose your 50 BEST pieces (50 girls items & 50 boys items) to bring between the sizes of newborn & 24 months.  For Fall: costumes, snowsuits, coats & swimsuits DO NOT count toward your total of 50 items for each gender. For Spring: costumes/dress-up, light jackets & swimsuits DO NOT count toward your total of 50 items for each gender. You are welcome to bring as many articles of clothing as you wish in any sizes above 24 months. This will help all items in the smaller sizes to sell MUCH BETTER!
  • All clothing needs to be free of any unpleasant odors and pet hair. Please launder your items prior to the sale! There should be little signs of wear or damage, such as holes, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, or pilling. TATB only accepts clothing that is less than 5 years old to stay with the trends and ensure clothing is in fantastic shape.
  • We accept Spring/Summer items for our April sale  (including long-sleeved shirts & hoodies) and Fall/Winter items for our November sale with an exception made for swimwear so customers can shop for their children's swim lessons. 

  • Any clothing or shoes that arrive stained, torn, extremely worn or dirty will be DONATED IMMEDIATELY and NOT returned to you. Please check your items carefully!

    Shoes: Infant, toddler and children’s sizes only please. Shoes must be CLEAN and in excellent condition. Extremely worn shoes are NOT accepted!Only bring shoes acceptable for the season. (i.e. snow boots for Fall/Winter & sandals for Spring/Summer)

    Nursing/feeding supplies: Highchairs, Boppy, My Breast Friend, bottles, sippy cups, bibs, plates, silverware, feeding sets, snack traps.

    Breast pumps and accessories: ONLY CLOSED SYSTEM BREASTPUMPS ARE ACCEPTED!! Please see the following list of acceptable closed system pumps:

    • Avent ISIS iQ Duo
    • Ameda Elite
    • Ameda Purely Yours
    • Ameda Purely Yours w/carryall
    • Ameda Purely Yours w/backpack
    • Playtex Embrace
    • Bailey Medical Nurture III
    • Evenflo Comfort Select Dual
    • First Years Natural Comfort Double
    • Lansinoh Double Electric
    • Avent ISIS iQ Uno
    • Avent ISIS iQ Uno Complete
    • First Years Natural Comfort Single
    • Medela Swing
    • Hygeia EnDeare
    • Hygeia EnJoye-LBI
    • Hygeia EnJoye-EXT
    • Hygeia EnJoye-EPS
  • Accessories: Hair bows, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, bibs, receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, dress up items, costumes, uniforms.

  • Bath items: Towels, infant bathtubs, clean tub toys, bathtub toy holders, coordinating bath sets geared to children

  • Children’s room decor:  Blankets, crib sheets, changing tables, changing pads, changing pad covers, twin bedding, mobiles, rugs, lamps, small chairs, dressers, toddler beds, storage bins, storage systems. You will need to plan for extra time at drop-off for any items requiring your assembly.

  • Baby Gear: Highchairs, feeding booster seats, pack and plays, strollers, swings, play mats, bouncers, portable , infant/baby front carriers, slings, baby backpacks, walkers, baby gates.

  • Toys/Games/Books: ALL TOYS SELL WELL! Indoor/outdoor toys, toy boxes, wagons, board books, games, electronic video game players and games, puzzles with all pieces, ride-on toys, play mats, CD’s and DVD’s in original case, clean outdoor toys such as slides, sandboxes, play structures and playhouses. ALL TOYS & GAMES THAT REQUIRE BATTERIES MUST HAVE THEM TO BE ACCEPTED!!

    Items NOT Accepted

  • Open system breast pumps. ONLY closed system pumps are ACCEPTED (as listed above).
  • Carseats and Car boosters.
  • NO plush or stuffed animals, UNLESS they make sounds or are electronic.
  • Clothing that is overly worn, stained, torn, has unpleasant odors or is pilled.
  • Shoes that are dirty and/or show signs of wear.
  • Pacifiers or bottle nipples that have been previously used.
  • Toys or games that are missing batteries or pieces.
  • Any "R" or "Mature" rated movies, DVD's or video games
  • Any item that has been recalled. You NEED to check your items for recalls!
  • Any and all CRIBS.  
  • Any an all Mattresses
  • Crib bedding sets, bumpers, ect. (Crib sheets are still accepted)
  • ALL ITEMS WILL BE INSPECTED UPON ARRIVAL! TATB reserves the right to refuse any item we feel won't sell or is unsafe. 
Thank you for understanding that we want to be known for having the very best quality merchandise. We screen closely to maintain high expectations for our shoppers!

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