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Consignor Drop-off

Drop off Appointment Scheduling

 You will be dropping off all of your items - sales floor READY!

Prepare for your Drop-Off Appointment

  • TATB strives to make the drop-off process as quick and easy as possible! Our main goal at your drop-off time is to ensure that we are accepting high quality items that are ready to sell. Please follow these guidelines to make your drop-off appointment is a breeze!
  • Have your clothing items sorted by gender and size BEFORE you arrive. Rubberband the hangers of like-sized/gender clothing together. (i.e. rubberband all 2T girls clothing together, all 3T girls clothing together, etc) This makes it easy for TATB volunteers to get your clothing out on the sales floor!
  • Make sure all your toys/items that require batteries have them! They will not be accepted otherwise.
  • Any tires that require air need to be filled.
  • You will need to leave behind one 18 gallon (or larger) plastic tub clearly marked with your consignor # at each END. Write your consignor # as big as you can with a BLACK marker. Please keep your lid! We will use this tub to sort your merchandise into at pick-up. If you have designated ALL your inventory to be donated at the conclusion of the sale, then you DON'T need to leave behind a tub.


Drop-Off Process

Check-in - You will verify your mailing address and receive your presale pass. You will need to set up any items requiring assembly. Please allow extra time for this. Your items will be looked over to assure you've rubberbanded all like-sized, like-gender & like-type clothing together. We will also be checking to make sure items are CLEAN and SALES-FLOOR READY! After you've signed your paperwork and a lead volunteer says you are all set - you can go!

Our volunteer inspectors will be doing the following:

  • Inspection - We will inspect your items for rips, holes, stains, tears, smells and proper tagging. We will only accept like-new merchandise that will sell. Please check your clothing over carefully and bring the best of what you have to TATB sales.
  • Items will be placed on the sales floor by our volunteers –The more organized your merchandise is before arrival, the faster the process will go.


Consignor Pick-up

When? Pick-up is 

Fall 2017 Info Coming Soon!

  • Your clothing and other items will be separated by consignor number. PLEASE NOTE that anything not picked up by 2pm Monday WILL BE DONATED to Healthy Families of Clackamas County and its affiliates.
  • Please bring your empty tubs back with you to fill with any overflow inventory you may have.
  • We will ask you to look through all of your items to be sure you don't end up with any missorted items in your bins. This is a quick process.
  • You will also receive your earnings check at pick-up! You are welcome to send a friend or family member in your place as long as you send an email to me (tara@tatbsale) letting me know they can pick up your items & your check!


 Are you on Facebook? Join the TATB Consignor Q & A group! Great place to ask questions about the sale & receive updates!