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1. Enter & Price Your Items

  • You will enter all of your inventory via TATB's online inventory system, which you will have access to once you are registered. Log in to your account here or click "Consignor Login" at the top right of the website.
  • Please see TATB's "What We Accept" page. Please remember that we will only take items that are in NEW OR LIKE-NEW CONDITION. TATB only accepts the best of the best!
  • Launder all clothing, shoes, bedding, nursing pillows and maternity wear! Presentation pays off, so be sure to get your items looking their absolute BEST!
  • Thoroughly clean all other items (toys, books, games, gear, etc.). Baby wipes work wonders! Only items that are CLEAN will be accepted at the sale.
  • Organize!  Once your clothing is laundered and looking great, you will need to get them organized. Start by separating your merchandise by gender, size and type. Start at the smallest size and go up.  For example, all your girls 3T shirts together, all 3T shorts together, etc. Organizing this way will make entering your inventory into TATB's online system a breeze AND you'll have your items organized CORRECTLY for drop-off! You may also want to place your clothing on your hangers as you go.
PLEASE READ - CLOTHING LIMITS! Due to the OVERWHELMING amount of clothing TATB receives in sizes newborn through 24 months, there is now a LIMIT. Please choose your 50 BEST pieces (50 girls items & 50 boy items for total of 100) to bring between the sizes of newborn & 24 months. You are welcome to bring as many articles of clothing as you wish in any sizes above 24 months. This will help all items in the smaller sizes to sell MUCH BETTER! For Fall/Winter: Coats, Costumes, Hoodies, Jackets, Winter Coats, Snowsuits, and Holiday Wear DO NOT count toward your total.  For Spring/Summer: Costumes, Hoodies, Jackets and Swimwear DO NOT count towards your total.
  • Items priced well, sell well! We recommend that you price your clothing and accessories at 20-35% of retail value. See this AWESOME pricing guide from to get an idea of what different brands sell for. When pricing, consider what you would be willing to pay.
  • Please be aware that the majority of clothing sizes we receive are newborn to 12 months. You will want to price these items competitively in order for them to sell.
  • Our guide for gear and furniture is 30-50% of retail value.
  • IMPORTANT! As you create your tags, BE AS DESCRIPTIVE AS POSSIBLE! Use brand name, color of item, type of item, etc. (i.e. Gap L/S owl shirt, brown & pink) If the tag falls off and we find it, we are able to match it back up with the item!
  • Do not use SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, etc. sizing for children's clothing. Please use the size listed on the clothing tag. For maternity wear, you may use SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, etc.
  • Choose if you want your items to be reduced on the discount days. There will be a 25% off day and a 50% off day on the final day of the sale. With our online tagging program you choose these options for each item individually. 
  • Choose if you would like your items to be donated to Healthy Start of Clackamas County, if they don't sell at the sale. NOTE: If you choose to DONATE at item, the discount option will be automatically be applied by the system.


VERY IMPORTANT!! The online inventory system SHUTS DOWN on

                               SATURDAY, APRIL 22@ 4pm

You may print your tags after that time,

but no additions or changes can be made to your inventory.


2. Print Your Tags

  • Once you are finished entering in all of your inventory, it is time to print tags online.
  • Tags must be printed on plain, WHITE CARDSTOCK, 65lb weight works great!
  • Please only use your GENERAL EVERYDAY print quality setting so that your barcodes scan properly.
  • Use Internet Explorer when you print your tags also or they may not print properly.
  • If you don't have a printer at home, you can print your tags at most any library, Office Max or Kinko's.


3. Hang

  • TATB accepts plastic & wire hangers. PLASTIC IS PREFERRED!
  • You can find plastic hangers at Kohl's, Old Navy, Carter's, OshKosh and other large retailers. Starting building your hanger stockpile now! I also have hangers that I'm happy to give you. Please contact me at First come, first serve as my supply is limited!
  • Please hang any/all items that can be displayed on hangers, which includes blankets. NO single clothing items in a ziploc bag will be allowed. Merchandise that can be hung sells MUCH better displayed on a hanger.
  • Hang your items with the hanger hook facing the left, like a question mark (?).
  • If using wire hangers, please use safety pins (1" or larger) to secure your outfits and pants to the wire hangers.


4. Tag

  • you look at your clothing from the front, attach your barcoded tags on the right side. This allows shoppers to easily see the description and price on all hung items. 
  • Use a tagging gun or safety pins to attach the tag on the flap of fabric created by the SEAM so that you do not create holes in your clothing!!
  • Need a tagging gun to make your life MUCH easier? If you plan on tagging A LOT of clothing and consign every season, try the Avery Fine Fabric tagging gun found on Amazon or Ebay. If you are looking for an economy tagging gun, try one from Execusystems. You can also purchase them from me for $12! New tagging gun with 1,000 barbs.  Just email
  • SHOES: NO BOXES PLEASE. Secure shoes together with zipties, twine, ribbon, strips of tulle - whatever you have on hand! Punch a hole in your tag (tape over the hole w/ clear packing tape for extra hold, if you like) and thread the tag through. You can also use ziplock baggies to place smaller shoes in (i.e. Robeez, etc). Tape the top of the ziplock shut!
  • SOCKS & UNDERWEAR: Keep smaller items like socks & underwear grouped together in plastic ziplock bags by size. Tape tags to the front of the bag with clear packing tape.
  • BLANKETS: Attach your barcoded tag to a corner of your blanket and hang it on an adult sized tube hanger (if you have them). Volunteers will hang it on a rounder for you at drop-off.
  • TOYS: Please attach tags securely with clear packing tape. If it is a large toy with small pieces, please place all pieces in an appropriate size ziplock bag. Tape the top of the ziplock shut and use plenty of packing tape to secure the pieces to the larger toy. You can also use zip ties to secure the taped ziplock to your items as well.
  • BOOKS & GAMES: Please use  Wrapping Paper Tape or blue painter's tape to secure tags. Be sure you do not cover up the original barcode with your TATB tag. This helps a great deal at check out!
  • PUZZLES: A great way to keep puzzle pieces in tact is to wrap the puzzle in saran wrap and then secure the saran wrap with clear packing tape. Scotch tape will tear when price tag is taken off. Ribbons or twine can secure several books together. 
  • LARGER EQUIPMENT & GEAR: Place tags on your larger items with clear packing tape. When you come to your drop-off appointment, a volunteer will be removing your tag and placing it on a TATB pink tag. This tag is perforated so that shoppers can remove the bottom half if they plan to purchase the item at the sale. This way all other shoppers will know it's been claimed and the item can be left in its place and more shopping can be done! Please know that you will need to set up any pack 'plays or items requiring assembly before you leave drop-off.


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