Consign with TATB & Earn 65-80%!

As a Twice Around the Block consignor you will receive 65% of your sales. Volunteer at the sale and earn even more!

  • Work ONE (4 hour) shift, earn 70%!
  • Work TWO (4 hour) shifts, earn 75%!
  • Work FOUR (4 hour) shifts, earn 80%!

All consigning volunteers get to SHOP FIRST at the 
VIP Volunteer Presale & the 50% Off Presale!!

In addition to extra earnings in your consignor check, consigning volunteers receive a pass to shop the VIP Volunteer Presale! This means you shop before everyone else! You will also receive a pass to shop the 50% Off Presale, a day before everyone else!

Consignor Drop-Off  

Dates & Times

                                  See you in the Fall!

Drop Off appointment selected at time of Registration! 

The online inventory system SHUTS DOWN on: 
Saturday, April 22nd @ 4pm

After this time, you will only be able to print & re-print your barcoded tags. No changes or additions to your inventory can be made after the deadline,

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To get started, 

please follow the steps below:

1.  Register as a TATB Consignor

After paying your $10 (nonrefundable) consignor fee via Paypal, you will receive a consignor number and allowed access to your TATB account. This is where you will enter your inventory and print your barcoded tags for the sale. You can log in from any page on the TATB website, by clicking "Consignor Login" in the upper right hand corner. 

NOTE: When paying your consignor fee, you MUST click the BLUE link in Paypal that says "Return To Twice Around The Block". If you don't, Paypal will accept your payment, but your TATB registration WILL NOT get completed. If this happens, register again and email me to refund your 2nd payment of $10.

Once you are registered, please sign up for a drop-off appointment.

Are you on Facebook? Join the TATB Consignor Q & A group! Great place to ask questions about the sale & receive updates!

2.  Prepare your items

  • Please see TATB's "What We Accept" page. Please remember that we will only take items that are in NEW OR LIKE-NEW CONDITION. TATB only accepts the best of the best! Now that you know what to consign, visit "How To Prepare Your Items" for detailed instructions!
  • Launder all clothing, shoes, bedding, nursing pillows and maternity wear! Presentation pays off, so be sure to get your items looking their absolute BEST!
  • Thoroughly clean all other items (toys, books, games, etc.). Baby wipes work wonders! Only items that are CLEAN will be accepted at the sale.
  • Organize!  Once your clothing is laundered and looking great, you will need to get them organized. Start by separating your merchandise by gender, size and type. Start at the smallest size and go up.  For example, all your girls 3T shirts together, all 3T shorts together, etc. Organizing this way will make entering your inventory into TATB's online system a breeze AND you'll have your items organized CORRECTLY for drop-off! 
  • PLEASE READ - CLOTHING LIMITS! Due to the OVERWHELMING amount of clothing TATB receives in sizes newborn through 24 months, there is now a LIMIT. Please choose your 50 BEST pieces (50 boys items & 50 girls items) to bring between the sizes of newborn & 24 months. For Fall: costumes, snowsuits, coats & swimsuits DO NOT count toward your total of 50 items for each gender. For Spring: costumes/dress-up, light jackets & swimsuits DO NOT count toward your total of 50 items for each gender. You are welcome to bring as many articles of clothing as you wish in any sizes above 24 months. This will help all items in the smaller sizes to sell MUCH BETTER. 

3. Enter Inventory & Tag

  • Once you are all organized, you can begin entering your inventory into TATB's online system.
  • Enter your inventory by type of merchandise (all clothing, all toys, all books, etc.) to make data entry easier.
  • See "How To Prepare Your Items" for all the details on pricing, hanging & tagging!
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! The online inventory system SHUTS DOWN on:

    Saturday, April 22nd @4pm

    What does this mean? After Saturday, April 22nd@ 4pm, the inventory system closes. No additional inventory can be added to your account after that time. You may print your tags after that time, as many times as you need to -  but no additions or changes can be made to your inventory. This gives me time to plan the sale layout for all the wonderful items you are bringing!

See this link for more info.

4. Drop Off

See this link for what to expect when you drop your items off prior to the sale.

5. Pick Up or DONATE!

Pick up your unsold items that you do not wish to donate. Any items that you do not pick up will be donated to Healthy Families of Clackamas County and its affiliates, as well as the Wichita Family Support Center.


6. Get Paid!

TATB distributes checks at PICK-UP! So be sure to come to pick-up if you want your check fast!