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Consignor Drop-Off  

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 Volunteer VIP Presale!

Teacher & Daycare Owner VIP Presale!

Fall 2017  info coming soon!

Consignor Presale

Fall 2017  info coming soon!

New Mom


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Public Dates & Times

Please see "Guidelines For Shopping" below

              Fall 2017  info coming soon!

50% off Presale for 

Consignors & Volunteers

Fall 2017  info coming soon!

Consignor Pick-up

              Fall 2017  info coming soon!

    {Guidelines for Shopping}

  • Large bags/backpacks/diaper bags/handbags are NOT allowed into the sale! It's best to come into the sale with just your wallet .
  • If you are bringing in a stroller, the only thing that should be in your stroller is your sweet baby! We will be placing a tag on your stroller to identify that it's yours.
  • You MUST keep your children with you AT ALL TIMES, for their safety.
  • CASH is the preferred method of payment! Debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are also accepted.
  • Please bring large reusable shopping bags for your purchases! Ikea & Costco bags work great!
  • Please be respectful of each other as you shop! Do not remove LARGE sections of clothing from the racks. Please keep clothing on racks & go through them there.
  • Enjoy scoring tons of amazing deals!