Come have fun with us!

TATB relies heavily on our AMAZING volunteers for the sales to be successful! Without you, there would be no sale! Volunteer shifts are limited and go fast - so sign up for the shifts that work best for you. 


So many reasons to volunteer at TATB....

Connect with other local moms!

Be part of a fun community event that blesses so many people!

Earn extra $$ in your consignor check!

Get VIP Presale Passes & shop FIRST!


Volunteer VIP Presale
 : Fall 2017 Info Coming Soon!

Volunteer 50% off Presale: Fall 2017 Coming Soon!

While you shop, enjoy the 
VIP Volunteer Presale Party! 

This is a party you don't want to miss! Shop early (before the crowds!) and enter to win raffle prizes! Please, no guests allowed into the VIP Presale. This is an exclusive presale for volunteers & working consignors only. Thank you!
NOTE: If you are working consecutive shifts, please note that most shifts overlap by a half hour to a hour to ensure ample coverage at the sale. You will need to work the additional time to make up for the overlap. Please be sure to take this into consideration so you can plan accordingly. Thank you!

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  • Consignors who complete ONE 4 hour shift earn 70% of their sold items & get to shop the VIP Presale, as well as the 50% off Presale!
  • Consignors who complete TWO 4 hour shifts earn 75% of their sold items & get to shop the VIP Presale, as well as the 50% off Presale!
  • Consignors who complete FOUR 4 hour shifts earn 80% of their sold items & get to shop the VIP Presale, as well as the 50% off Presale!

Early shopping opportunities!

Here are some early shopping perks for those who volunteer during the consignor/volunteer shopping hours. These shifts can be hard to cover, because who doesn’t want to shop during the presales?!? These will go FAST, so sign up now if you want them!

VIP Volunteer Presale

Fall 2017 


50% Off Presale

Fall 2017

Volunteer VIP Presale Shopping Hours

Fall 2017 Coming Soon!

 # Of Shifts Shopping Start Time 
6 shifts 3:00pm 
5 shifts 3:30pm
4 shifts 4:00pm
3 shifts 4:30pm
2 shifts 5:00pm
1 shift 5:30pm

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More Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a media connection?

  • If you know someone at a local newspaper, radio station or news station and can get us coverage or an interview, you will earn one 4 hour volunteer shift!

Have limited time to help at the sale, but would love to barter for an extra shift?

  • Distribute 250 postcards to local, family-friendly businesses, such as preschools, pediatrician's offices, indoor play areas, community centers and libraries. Earn ONE (4 hour) shift. Contact Tara at tara@tatbsale.com for details. SPOTS ARE LIMITED!
Have a family member or friend work with you & earn credit for their time as well!

  • Have them work with you OR for you! (Must be 16 years or older)
  • You get the credit for their worked shift(s)!
  • Email Tara at tara@tatbsale.com to get your family member or friend on the schedule!